Specialist I - DevOps Engineering UST Alpharetta, GA Full-Time


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SRE Lead Engineer


Equifax BI EDH Platforms. Project duration is 1 year working remote.

Job Description:

Primary role is to lead the 7x24 Support Team for Equifax BI EDH production, automation, and monitoring environments/ infrastructure of the Tableau and Looker Applications operating in the AWS and GCP clouds.

Includes but is not limited to: Managing SLA, SLO, SLIs, Monitoring & Alerting, provisioning of Environments, diagnosing performance issues. Additionally, the primary role includes cross training teams on OBIEE, BIP, and Spotfire tools, repairing CICD Pipelines, implementing IaC in the AWS and GCP environments.

Familiarity with DataOps is required to support Data Pipelines and the continuous deployment of those pipelines to environments. Some on-prem infrastructure support will be required as well and understanding of how to move data securely from on-prem to AWS and GCP Clouds.


• Support & contribute improvements to the availability, scalability, latency, and efficiency of BI visualization and analytics Tableau and Looker Applications and OBIEE,SpotFire and BIP tools and environments.

  • Support client setup of the Service Management reference architecture (Service Strategy,Design,Transition,and Improvement) , and operational processes management (Incident,Problem,Change,Release,Capacity..etc).
  • Support client’s development and operation teams to define each stakeholder’s service-level indicators (SLIs) that reflects reliability. (Ex. Availability,Response Time,Latency,Throughput..etc).
  • Support Client SRE team resource building (Acquire, Develop, Manage) forming, storming, norming, performing, and adjourning.
• Use, Administer, configure & contribute to deployment and automation tools, as well as the platform to more efficiently detect, address, and prevent problems from recurring

• Define and measure production availability, navigating known downtime, and service level outages.

• Debug problems at scale for our mission critical services, and help our platform and service teams to implement lasting fixes to recurring issues

• Setup and manage DataOps engineering platform, tools and cloud environments applications within Equifax portfolio in AWS and GCP clouds.

• Provision environments using infrastructure as code provided by automation team.

• Execute, debug, and configure CI/CD pipelines.

• Onboard new projects/applications onto the platform using automation.

• Act as acceptance testers for automation developed by an automation team and use the automation to satisfy service requests in a more timely fashion.

• Deploy and manage automation developed by automation feature team.

• Liaison with tools vendor support teams e.g. AWS or GCP support when necessary.

• Analyze service requests and take appropriate action meeting defined SLA

• Monitor dashboards to ensure tools and environments are meeting SLA’s for uptime and performance

• Document all communication for auditability.

• Escalate requests that need specialist help.

• Work in designated shifts to provide support for geographically distributed software & data engineering teams.

Required Skills

• Excellent oral and written communication skills, ability to converse and collaborate with globally distributed software teams.

• Active listening and excellent presentation and writing capabilities.

• Critical thinking, decision-making, time/stress management and organizational skills

• Influence a culture of service ownership. Engage in training and mentoring to help develop other engineers with this mindset.

• Experience in an Agile/Scrum and DevOps environment, including a high-volume or critical production service environment.

• At least 3 to 6 years of experience of AWS or GCP, CloudOps and Infrastructure and infrastructure management.

• 3 to 6 Years Managing and Leading Teams.

• 3+ years of AWS/GCP SaaS and Iac (Terraform) tools.

• Expertise in Windows server management and Configuration Management.

• 3+ years of experience on AWS and/or GCP Cloud infrastructure and Services.

• Proficient Git skills.

• Experience of having implemented end to end DevOps.


• Practical experience with Agile Scrum / Kanban, OBIEE,SpotFire and BIP tools.

• BI Tableau and Looker Apps experience from a support & management perspective.

• Agile certified engineer.

• DevOps certified Engineer, other AWS/GCP certifications.

Recommended skills​

On Prem

Software As A Services



Scrum (Software Development)

Agile Software Development